JORDAN 16-21 June 2001

On the first day of the meeting, as already designed, Prof.Padhy reviewed the IAEA programs and its activities in the field of nuclear medicine and also briefly explained about the number of MS in West Asia, IAEA budget status, IAEA mandate, TC programs, and the new strategy regarding promotion of nuclear medicine technology in this region .

After that, Mr. Habjouqa added some more information about TC concepts like identifying areas of clinical problems in this region providing technical support in order to solve regional and national problems. He also added some news about promoting application of nuclear technologies in the region through expert mission, group training, and evolves some new strategies for dealing with the regional clinical problems.

Then, as the program, Dr. Barrenechea reviewed the IAEA activities in nuclear medicine in the East Asia and pacific region under a similar thematic TC project RAS/6/028.

The first presentation about national clinical problems and nuclear medicine status was started by Iran coordinator and after that the Jordanian coordinator presented his own lecture.

On the second day, all other coordinators from, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria, UAE, Uzbekistan, Yemen presented their national situations. At the end of these 2 days sessions all reports were analyzed and a rank order scoring was listed for clinical problems like DM, CAD, Infection and Cancers….

On the third sessions, Prof. Padhy explained the format of project document and framework matrix. He also mentioned about the mandate of project, strategic concepts, vision, SWOT analysis, governmental principles, priority and work plan and all participants were grouped as follows.

Introduction group, strategic and priority group and work plan group. All coordinators worked hard to prepare the first draft of thematic project document under the guide of Prof. Padhy, Dr. Barreneaghea and Mr. Habjouqa.

This grouping activity was continued to the last 2 days and in the last day, discussion and comments were assessed. And each coordinator gave his own idea regarding the first draft.


The project document was completed and Prof. Padhy closed the meeting and requested every 6-month -report of each coordinator from 2001 to 2004.